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21-04-20 18:59
05-08-00 00:00
Submarine emergency
I am one of the mariners in a submarine and there is an emergency. I have the horrible feeling that something really bad is happening.
Other people
22-04-20 18:20
12-08-00 00:00
Kursk submarine wreck
Several days after my dream, news about the Kursk military submarine wreck in the Barents sea near Murmansk begin to appear in the mass media. A torpedo manipulation accident kills 95 out of 118 soldiers. The survivors die several hours later in horrible circumstances.
Now we know that the accident was caused by tow torpedo explosions inside the submarine on 12 of August 2000. 23 out of 118 soldiers survive for more than 6 hours but eventually dye. The Russian authorities attempt to keep in secret the accident but after two days that turns out to be impossible and on 14th of August they recognize there has been an accident. However, they state that everybody is fine in the submarine and they do not accept international aid for attempting to rescue the soldiers until 17th of August.
Little to none
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