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23-04-20 19:13
11-12-19 00:00
Bodies falling from the sky and fainting
While I am out in the open I hear some powerful explosions and thunders. I turn towards the source of the noise and see tall smoke columns as from space rockets (but there are no rockets). There is a crowd of people watching too. Then, planes fly around, then objects start to fall down from the sky and then people fall down too. Their bodies descend slowly and in horizontal position like if they were lying on beds hanging from parachutes except that there are no beds nor parachutes. A woman falls very near in front of me and I notice she takes a glimpse around just before reaching the ground and then faints. Several people from the crowd stretch their hands and catch her to avoid her falling on the ground.
Other people
Bodies falling from the sky and fainting
23-04-20 19:58
11-12-19 07:00
Hundreds of thousands killed by Covid19
The night of the dream there is a big fire in a chemical factory near where I live. On 14th of January, there is another fire in a chemical factory near here, which kills several people. The impact the events in my dream have on me is much more powerful than that of these accidents, and I expect more people to dye, possibly as a consequence of the leaks of toxic substances. However, the corona virus pandemic starts in January, and eventually I associate it with this dream.
Some symbolism
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