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23-04-20 20:02
13-12-19 00:00
An infectious substance in a factory
A black substance covers everything in a factory. I believe that it is infectious and affects people.
Other people
23-04-20 21:01
17-03-20 00:00
Covid19 infection in the factory I used to work in
On 17th of March 2020, three months after the dream, and three days after our Government had declared quarantine due to the coronavirus Covid19, part of the factory where I used to work (until November last year) is closed due to the detection of a coronavirus case. It turns out to be a severe one and a few days later it turns out that there are more people infected, so that the entire factory is closed. The first person to get ill barely avoids death, doctors saving him after a month in an intensive care unit.

Since the initial measures of confinement taken by the Government on 14th of March seem to be insufficient (there is a steady increase in the rate of new death cases), on 30th of March, the Government paralyzes all industrial and commercial activity, except for the most essential services.
Little to none
Other people