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24-04-20 19:34
23-12-19 00:00
Multiple deaths due to food poisoning
There are multiple deaths on a halted train. I believe the people are killed by food intoxication. Anyone could be the killer.
I am on a train, and someone kills the passengers one by one although most cases look like food poisoning. At first, I have three steaks in a lunch box and I suspect that they are poisoned. My wife eats out one before I tell her not to do it, but nothing seems to happen. I suspect everyone and there are some pretty weird characters. The train is halted at a station already for a while. Everyone goes out to investigate what is happening but I remain on the train. Now it looks like an apartment, although I know it is stopped at a station. I think that I should lower the blinds as it gets dark and I do not want some criminal to watch me from outside. Then I see that a person that is suspicious (like most of the others) is going to open a fridge, but I hit his hand, yelling at him that it is dangerous to do that.
Other people
24-04-20 20:05
01-01-20 00:00
Multiple deaths due to coronavirus infection
The first deaths due to the coronavirus Covid 19 appear by the end of December 2019 (by the time of this dream) and in January the disease occupies every news program. Within a couple of months, the virus spreads around the entire world. Everyone and everything can be suspected to transmit the infection (much like in the dream). By the end of March, I am even afraid of the food especially of fruits and vegetables, as they are exposed open in the supermarket and an infected person may have sneezed or coughed on them. Thus I open the fridge with fear. Also, any other person is potentially a killer.
A virus is essentially a toxic substance. It is made of long molecules like in living cells, but it is not a living organism.     
Little to none
Other people