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25-04-20 00:53
16-01-20 01:00
Too many birthday dedications in a church
I join a gathering in a church-like building and I am given a notebook to write a dedication for someone’s birthday. However, there is no place in the notebook and I am not even sure who the dedication is for. I am only told the last name but I don't know that person. Almost the entire notebook is full of some monochrome drawings and text and I am annoyed that the people that wrote their dedications before me left no space for more dedications. There is just a little space at the first pages of the notebook, but I don't know why nobody wants to write and sign there. Then I see a photograph of an ex-colleague of mine in a little altar. Now it seems I was supposed to write the dedication for his birthday.
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24-04-20 23:41
31-01-20 00:00
Too many deathdays to be celebrated
The coronavirus Covid 19 kills many people and puts in danger even some of my acquaintances. Several ex-colleagues of mine are infected and one of them barely escapes death after nearly a month in an intensive care unit. (The one from the altar photo in the dream is alive for the moment.)

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