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25-04-20 00:00
18-01-20 00:00
I park my car and then I can not find it
I park my car and then I can not find it. While looking for it I get into a swiming pool a couple of times.
I'm in a restaurant and I feed a lion-like beast. Then I go out to the parking lot of the restaurant. I take my car and park it near a pool. I go back to get something and when I go to get my car again, I don't find it.  There are many similarly colored cars, but I can’t find anywhere my car. I walk around the pool but then I get into the water accidentally because it is shallow at this point and I had not noticed it. I keep looking for the car. I am walking around the pool again, this time with two men and a child, and again get into the water, this time up to my knees, and I am about to submerge even more, but then I decide to find another way with less water. I don't want to get my clothes wet. The child walking behind me is on the right track.
Unpleasant experience
25-04-20 00:15
14-03-20 00:00
I have parked my car for a long time
The quarantine imposed by our government on 14th of March 2020 prevents me from getting out and using my car.
This dream is similar to several other dreams of mine from the same period. In some of them I can't find/use my car, while in others, the same happens with my bike. With the quarantine, both types of dreams come to reality. I have all of these dreams before realizing that everybody including myself will be forced to stay home without being able to move anywhere for a very long time.
Unpleasant experience
Some symbolism