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25-04-20 00:18
22-01-20 00:00
Deserted village
I was with T and asked her where she lived. She answered that in “Makilovo”, which was about ten minutes walking from where we were (my work place) and that she walked home every day.
I went to Makilovo by bike. It turned out to be a neighborhood or village full of piled up crooked wooden huts. It was getting dark but I was surprised the streets were absolutely deserted and there was no sign of life although some street lights were already on. I could not find T’s house number.
Unusual experience
25-04-20 23:42
14-04-20 00:00
Deserted villages, towns and cities
About two months after the dream, our government declares the coronavirus quarantine, which effectively leaves deserted entire villages, towns and cities. Walking on these deserted streets is really awkward. Other governments have done or will do the same.
Unpleasant experience
Little to none
Other people