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25-04-20 03:28
01-03-20 01:00
Stuffed snake and stolen bicycle
I found a stuffed snake on the street and left my bike on the ground to lead the snake with a string. It was moving like a real one. Then I remembered that I had to go back to my bicycle before someone stole it from me. I left the snake and headed back to the bike. I looked where I had left it and saw two people dressed as cyclists. When I got there, they were gone with my bike. I tried to find them, but there was no trace of them.

Unusual experience
04-05-20 23:33
14-03-20 01:00
Man walking stuffed toy during Covid19 lockdown
During the Covid19 lockdown (starting on from 14 of March 2020), going out for walking dogs is allowed. The police seizes a person walking a stuffed dog (see the attachment) , a person walking a stove (!!!), another one disguised with a dinosaur costume, and several others realizing forbiden walks with animals such as a sheep, a turtle and a crab (!!!).

So why shouldn't I walk a stuffed snake in my dream? The funny thing is that I did it over two weeks before anyone here would even imagine such scenes!!! I used to cicle 4 days a week, but due to the lockdown I have been unable to do it for the last month and a half.   

Unusual experience
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