This form is designed and should be used only for documenting dreams which are expected or already proven to be of precognitive or clairvoyant nature, i.e they are supposed to reflect future- or simultaneous events. 

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22-04-20 14:13
15-12-18 00:00
Just me and a colleague on a ship
I am on board an old ship with just one colleague (BM). The others are not with us. Then I leave the ship too, leaving her alone.
Unusual experience
22-04-20 17:05
20-11-19 00:00
Just 2 people remain in my department
Just a couple of weeks after the dream, the directors of my company decide to leave only 2 persons working in my department, moving the others to other departments. In fact, they also fire some of them. I am supposed to assume the tasks of several of my colleagues, which is crazy. I leave the company (the ship in my dream) by november 2019 (one year after the dream).
While by the time of the dream I expected changes in our department, what happened actually would have been a total surprise for me if not for the dream. The decision of the Company to reduce to nothing a strong R&D department, crucial for the company (in older times), and with a large tradition in innovation was entirely absurd.  
Remotely possible
Unusual experience
Some symbolism