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10-05-20 23:20
17-04-20 00:00
Observing a laser spectroscope scanning a rock
An ex-colleague has assembled a surprisingly cool laser spectroscope and I am with him observing how the device is scanning a rock. The work is part of a project.
I find out that XG has assembled a rather complex laser spectroscope with which he is scanning a rock. I admire how complex and well-made the system is. Apparently, it is part of a project, but there are quite interesting side results. A plastic bottle labeled as SO2SO3 with some product in it catches my attention. I ask XG about it. At the same time, an elderly professor writes some formulas on a blackboard. At one point, she lacks the words to explain what she is writing. Then I am looking from a balcony and see that we are in a very tall building, like a skyscraper. I almost feel dizzy from the heights and I'm careful not to lean too much. Then, I am with XG and his associates again. At one point the light goes off and I see the path of the laser beam. I try to take a picture of it with my phone. Then XG smashes the rock with a hammer. A large piece falls near my foot and by pure chance does not crush it. The breakage of the rock reveals various interesting cavities. After breaking off one piece a shiny black surface is revealed on which there are some coffee beans. I suggest as a hypothesis that this may be a fossilized tree. We comment on how many interesting results come out and it is a pity that not everything can be put into the project. I say that some people accumulate such interesting results and one day publish them.
Unusual experience
10-05-20 23:42
17-04-20 18:21
Job offer for laser (scanning) confocal microscopy
The same day after the dream I receive an email with a proposal for work on a project consisting in reviewing several articles about applications of laser confocal spectroscopy, which is based on scanning a surface using a laser beam.
Remotely possible
Unusual experience
Little to none