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24-05-20 03:45
22-05-20 00:00
Throwing an old lady off the bus
I'm a bus driver on a public bus. An old lady is sitting up front and continuously complaining. After warning her several times, I throw her off the bus.
2020-05-22:I'm working as a public bus driver. I'm trying to learn the route and do some things. People are complaining and giving me trouble. There is an old lady sitting in front who keeps complaining. I tell her to stop. She keeps going. I warn her that I am the bus driver, and I have the authority to throw her if the bus if she does not stop. She keeps going. So I grab this grumpy old lady and I throw her off the bus.There is another guy driving. He is a new guy, just learning the route. I tell him that I am just learning also. He is driving well, but he doesn't know where he is going. He ends up in a parking lot, and is turning around, because he doesn't know where to go. Later, this new bus driver and I are seated at a table, sort of talking about the business. I have this feeling that there are still old people in the bus (in the parking lot) that want to go somewhere. There are also pre-packaged scripts that build things up based upon the identity of the person. Interpretation: This is my new delivery business, delivering groceries mostly for older Americans. I expect to meet a cranky old lady who is so perpetually annoying, that I cancel her membership and deny her service. The pre-packaged scripts are some automation that I will program into the website.
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31-05-20 02:56
We decided to ban a customer
We messed up an order on an old lady who got really nasty and blamed and complained severely. We lost money on the order, and not not want to allow her to order again.
This was like the lady at the front of the bus who would not stop complaining, and I had to throw her off. 
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