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24-05-20 03:51
23-05-20 00:00
Getting hired back at DM.
I'm standing in line talking to my former supervisor at work.
2020-05-23: I'm working at DM again. I'm standing next to David. There are several lines of people, and we are in one of them. David is saying that he never finished college, and that he had one year to go. He always sort of thought about finishing that someday. I say what's the point? There is no real reason to. Unless you simply enjoy it, and you fall in love with a campus in Japan and love to read books or something. Why bother? So after a while the lines start moving. We file past Glenn. He doesn't really acknowledge me. I think that it has been a while that I was gone, but things haven't changed much.   There is still someone who doesn't want me here, and they are trying to make things difficult for me.   There is an image of a dandylion plant. It was like it died, and put out a runner which grew a new plant. So there are like a series of plants, but it is like the older one dies to make room for the new one.   (I looked it up. Dandylions do not spread like that, but strawberries do)   Interpretation: I get hired back at DM, even though they laid me off a full year ago, and show no signs of interest at all.
Pleasant experience
31-05-20 02:47
David contacted me out-of-the-blue with more work
After it seemed he had completely cut me off, David contacted me out-of-the-blue this week with more work
The dream was easy enough to understand, but the likelihood of fulfillment seemed very remote. It had been almost a year since David had contacted me for work, and he even recently asked for the laptop back, which was a clear indication he never intended to use me ever again. Just this week he contacted me with more work. It was just some maintenance on something from last year, so not a re-hire, but it was remarkable nonetheless. It seems that this is just starting to be fulfilled.  
Remotely possible
Pleasant experience
Little to none