This form is designed and should be used only for documenting dreams which are expected or already proven to be of precognitive or clairvoyant nature, i.e they are supposed to reflect future- or simultaneous events. 

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24-05-20 03:56
17-05-20 00:00
David selling the company
Former supervisors contact me right after I take another job.
2020-05-17: It is my first day of work at a new job. David and Frank stop by to talk to me. I just started work for this other guy, but I could quit and work for you. My new boss is like a fry cook, and this is a real low-level job. He asks if I am going to quit my first day. David and Frank are in the middle of some big stock deal (sale of the company?) They leave. I am in an office, reading a notebook [yes, reading in a dream!] from a lady at her desk. I come across an entry in the notebook for today, where she says that David came by, and at the time he was right in the middle of a deal worth $400M.   Interpretation: I take any job I can get, but David and Frank ask me if I might be available. David is in the middle of selling his company.
Unusual experience
31-05-20 02:52
Starting to seem possible
The situation in this dream is just starting to seem possible
Part of the reason David called me out-of-the-blue was perhaps just to get the old project working again to clean things up for the sale of the company. I heard that there is a buyer who has requested an audit, moving into final stages of a sale.
Remotely possible
Unusual experience
Little to none