This form is designed and should be used only for documenting dreams which are expected or already proven to be of precognitive or clairvoyant nature, i.e they are supposed to reflect future- or simultaneous events. 

Please describe your dream and outcome (when you know it) in as much detail as possible. Please notice, that dream title, date, abstract, people expected to be affected and expected severity are obligatory fields. Dream record and outcome record dates are stored automatically. In the outcome tab there are no obligatory fields, but we strongly recommend you to introduce as much information as possible.

Please before filling in this form make sure that you have read and understood the instructions given in  Dream/Outcome form: how to fill it in.


24-05-20 04:02
16-05-20 00:00
Seeing Jeanette Again
My ex-wife resumes contact with me
2020-05-16: Jeanette comes to my place and gets into bed with me. I am a little surprised to see her. I try to talk to her. She is all upset about her career. She says she can't deal with work anymore. I tell her that is fine, and that she should retire. She says that her boss is driving her crazy. I try to assure her that it will be okay for her to stop working. Then she is is upset about something else, like something I posted on Facebook. She is showing me her phone to highlight something I wrote that upset her.
Unusual experience
31-05-20 02:49
Seems to be an accurate reflection of reality
I talked to my daughter and told her my dream. She confirmed that it matched the real-life situation.
I called my daughter and as we were talking, I mentioned the dream. She confirmed that what I saw in the dream matched the real life situation of my wife (which I was not aware of my natural means.) Although it has not yet been fulfilled completely, it might constitute a sort of remote viewing.
Remotely possible
Unusual experience
Little to none