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24-05-20 04:07
07-05-20 00:00
I gain an ever-flowing fountain
I gain an ever-flowing fountain in a video game
2020-05-07: It is like I am playing a game of Minecraft. There is an item in the game that is like a hack. It is an ever-flowing fountain. I obtain it and place it into my world. Some people are not able to turn theirs on, but I twist a large metal wheel, and turn mine on. It is shooting out substance into the game. My own little never-ending fountain.   Interpretation: I start earning recurring revenue from the food-ordering business?
Pleasant experience
31-05-20 02:43
Residual income from food delivery business starts
The ever-flowing fountain is the residual revenue that is just now starting to materialize for the business.
Now the end of May I am sending out my first invoices in which the business finally becomes profitable. I am starting to receive residual income from it.
Pleasant experience
A lot of symbolism