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24-05-20 04:09
04-05-20 00:00
Party at Calvin's house
Big fancy party at Calvin's house
2020-05-04: I'm at a big fancy party at Calvin's house. I'm thinking to walk up to him and say, "You won the bet." But he is busy washing some things up in the kitchen, and entertaining guests. The place is packed. It is like the Hurst mansion, with movie stars and rich people here.   Some hot young starlet is talking to me, saying I should lighten up, and not just work all the time; and maybe I could come to Bulgaria to visit her. In the musings of an old man, I tell her a story about the last time I was in Budapest some 30 years ago, and how I proposed to Violetta on Valentine's day, and how romantic it was; but it never worked out with her in the end. So she gets all sad hearing my story, and she says she wants to leave. Her bodyguards are enjoying the party, which is in full swing, so they don't understand at first; but then she snaps her fingers, and they all spring into action to get her out of there.   I keep trying to bring up the app on my phone to show Calvin, but phones don't work right in dreams, so it is like nothing is working, and I keep fumbling with it.   The party goes all night, and the next day I am trying to find my car. He had me park it way far away, because there were so many people here.   Interpretation: Calvin makes big money trading, and throws a party for other rich people in town.
Pleasant experience
07-06-20 03:54
Party at Calvin's House
I attended a party at Calvin's House. This was only a partial fulfillment, and I expect to attend another larger party someday later.
This is only the second time in my life I have been to a party at his house (last one over one year ago.) I think this is an "alignment", where a near-future experience in similar to a more distant one. It has not been fulfilled yet quite as I saw, and so I expect another party in the future.
Pleasant experience
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