This form is designed and should be used only for documenting dreams which are expected or already proven to be of precognitive or clairvoyant nature, i.e they are supposed to reflect future- or simultaneous events. 

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29-05-20 01:41
07-04-06 00:00
Hunter to kill a monkey on a fence
A hunter sees a small monkey on a wire fence. He gladly says something like “Cool! Today we’ll eat a small monkey”. He points his rifle at the monkey but at this moment monkey’s mother and father come and get away with the monkey.

Other people
Unusual experience
29-05-20 01:53
07-04-06 17:00
African animals trophies on a gangster's fence
The same day I read in a newspaper that a gangster living in Marbella had on his fence trophies of African animals including a giraffe, a hippopotamus, and an elephant skull.
Remotely possible
Unusual experience
Some symbolism
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