This form is designed and should be used only for documenting dreams which are expected or already proven to be of precognitive or clairvoyant nature, i.e they are supposed to reflect future- or simultaneous events. 

Please describe your dream and outcome (when you know it) in as much detail as possible. Please notice, that dream title, date, abstract, people expected to be affected and expected severity are obligatory fields. Dream record and outcome record dates are stored automatically. In the outcome tab there are no obligatory fields, but we strongly recommend you to introduce as much information as possible.

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29-05-20 01:55
20-05-06 00:00
Underwater room
…I am in a room which appears to be underwater. I look through a glass door and see outside a beautiful seascape with very transparent bluish water, stones covered in green algae, etc. I notice as well that the door doesn’t leak and wonder what would happen if I open it.
Other people
Unusual experience
29-05-20 02:29
20-05-06 17:00
Flood (an episode from TV series The Young )
The same day in the afternoon I watch an episode ( of a TV series I had never seen before, called the Young Ones. In that episode, it rains so much in London that it is flooded and the characters see through the windows sharks swimming around the house.    
Pleasant experience
Little to none