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23-04-20 14:35
28-11-19 00:00
Riding on a speeder
I am riding on a machine, looking like a rather wide brown motorbike with no handlebars nor wheels. It hovers some centimeters above the ground, much like star wars scooters. I casually discover a gear control on the body of the machine just in front of me, and tweak it, checking how the speed of the machine changes between extremely fats, slow and moderate, depending on the switch position.
Unusual experience
Riding on a speeder
23-04-20 15:30
28-11-19 16:00
Scooters and hoverboats in Dunne's book
The day after my dream I casually find Dunne's "Book an Experiment with Time", and I begin to read it. On pages 79-81 the text reminds me enourmously my dream with comments about unusual scooters and the following dream of Dunne about a hovering machine:

"In my dream I was seated in a tiny open boat constructed of some whitish material on a wooden framework. I was doing no steering. And there was no sign of anything supporting the boat."
Unusual experience
Little to none