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29-05-20 23:57
19-02-05 01:00
I take Ex-GF's car to search for her lost father
I am with TL (ex-girlfriend of mine at the time) when someone tells her that her father had disappeared (in reality I don't even know TL's father). She is going to search for him and I ask her if she wants me to go look for him too. She answers "I don't know, it's up to you" but then I decide to go too. There is some confusion with the cars, she takes one car, while I take another one, an all-terrain-type one, which is not mine but hers.
Unusual experience
30-05-20 23:25
19-02-05 14:00
I take my lost father-in-law's car to look for him
1: TL has bought a car the same day I had the dream
2: 15 years after the dream my wife's father disappears and I take his car (instead of mine) to look for him.
Real event Nº1 One year later I meet TL and tell her about the dream. She tells me that she's got a driving license and has bought a car. Later on, she asks me in an sms message when I've had the dream. When I tell her the date she calls me and tells me that she's bought her car exactly that same day (19/02/05) and asks me how come I know it...     Real event Nº2 Almost exactly 15 years later something very similar to that dream happens but with my wife (not the girl from the dream) who I didn't even know at the time of the dream. On 1/02/20 my wife's mother calls and tells my wife that her father has disappeared. This is not too surprising as he's got Alzheimer's disease. I suggest my wife that I go and try to find him but she is surprisingly indifferent about that. I guess it is because there are already several relatives and the police looking for him. Anyway, eventually, we decide to go search together with my wife driving her car. However, she stops first at her mother's house and talks too long with her and other relatives. I am nervous because it is getting late (less than two hours to sunset) for a mindless person to walk alone around and I want to go by myself but I have left my car at home. Eventually, I go to scrutinize the town for my father-in-law with his own car, a SUV (not an all-terrain but bigger than mine anyway). I spot him just when the police has found him and is about to bring him back home.   At the time of real event Nº2 I did not have a deja revé or at least I don't remember having it as I had completely forgotten the details of the dream after so many years.
Unusual experience
Little to none