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23-04-20 16:18
05-12-19 00:00
Riding a scooter to my hotel-house
I live with my wife in a hotel which is also our house. In another scene, I am out with a scooter and on the way back to my hotel-home I pass by some old men going up a slope and I hear one of them saying “I should get a scooter like that cause I am too old to walk”.
Unusual experience
Riding a scooter to my hotel-house
23-04-20 17:21
30-03-20 00:00
Covid19-infected isolated in hotels
1000 guests of a hotel are quarantined in a Hotel in Tenerife at the beginning of the coronavirus Covid19 outbreak in our country. In March-April the Spanish government enables hundreds of hotels for people which are severe cases of Covid19, as well as for isolating not-so severe ones.
Unpleasant experience
Little to none
Other people