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06-06-20 16:19
04-06-20 00:00
Nasty creatures out of a box
I see a black beetle on the inside surface of the transparent lid of a big box (similar to commercial ice cream fridges). I open the box to see the beetle and all kinds of nasty creatures, including a bunch of snakes come out.
Unusual experience
06-06-20 16:29
04-06-20 16:00
Pandora's box
The same day after the dream I read in Paul Callas' book the following:

"The particle-wave duality of light may appear to be a curious little fact of the universe of no further consequence, yet it opens up the mother of all Pandora’s boxes concerning reality."

Kalas, Paul. The Oneironauts: Using dreams to engineer our future (p. 166). Kindle eddition.
Unusual experience
Some symbolism