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23-04-20 17:11
06-12-19 00:00
Hard time in hotels
I am having some really nasty time in different hotels. There are too many people and that is a problem.

My phone's screen gets broken.
I was moving among different rooms of a hotel-like building. I wanted to have a shower, but I was ashamed because there were too many people. Then I was in some dark/mystical experience, which while initially supposed to be encoded or encrypted at the end was not.Then I am in a hotel with my wife and more people and I have nowhere to sleep (my bed had been occupied by another person), so I go to the reception to ask for a solution. I get distracted talking to someone and I go away. When I return to the queue, it is too long and everyone sneaks in front of me. When after a long waiting it is almost my turn, it occurs to me to ask the two girls at the counter if they are the ones responsible for the reception issues and they answer yes (thank goodness). While I wait, a few pieces of paper fall out of my pocket. Then I see that I have too many and I cannot collect all of them. Also, there are more pieces on the floor from other people. On top of that, I realize that my mobile phone screen is completely cracked and in the middle there is a missing glass flake. The wait is eternal and I think “what a stay in a hotel!”.
Other people
Unusual experience
23-04-20 17:39
30-03-20 00:00
100s of people quarantined in hotels
1000 guests of a hotel are quarantined in a Hotel in Tenerife at the beginning of the coronavirus Covid19 outbreak in our country. In March-April the Spanish government enables hundreds of hotels for people which are severe cases of Covid19, as well as for isolating not-so severe ones.

On 17th of february (10 days after the dream) my phone falls on the ground and its screen get irreversibly boken as in the dream.
Remotely possible
Little to none
Other people