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07-06-20 03:54
11-12-11 00:00
Protests get Violent
I saw black inner-city protestors dead on the streets and some with guns.
2020-06-06: We are driving downtown, and there are black rioters here that have been up all night. There is smashed glass and trash all over, and dead bodies of rioters in some places. People are walking like they are drunk and blocking the street. I think we need to drive past them and keep going to get out of town. This is a main street in town, right by a big-box store. This is like a riot gone overboard. So there are black people holding their ground, with guns, making a barricade in the street. One black guy with a rifle is hiding behind a pile of junk and a couple bodies. We drive away. I am in the back seat, and someone else is driving.
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07-06-20 03:56
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