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10-06-20 04:12
07-06-20 00:00
Lost at night in Syracuse
Like another visit to Sally in Syracuse
2020-06-07:I'm reading a college textbook on the history of the US. Jack is here reading. Maybe I am like Jack, reading a lot. I am taking a class, but I neglected the reading assignments. Now I have a really big reading assignment. Carol is here, and she says something about going shopping. She needs to go to the ATM first though, so she walks away. Someone tells me that I should go shopping with this college girl who likes me. So I walk straight towards this pretty young college girl. She walks away from me with her friends to go down the street. I try to catch up with her, but they keep walking further away and I never catch up. Eventually I think I need to go back to the college. So I walk back up the road, but it is dark now, and there is a power outage. So it is dark and I get lost in this big city. It is a dangerous high-crime city area, like Syracuse. I am trying to find my way back up the hill to a University Campus, like in Syracuse. I see another older white guy and ask him which way to the college. He points in another direction. I think maybe he is thinking of another college. So I get out my phone and try to pull up my location, but in a dream this doesn't work for me. Interpretation:Sort of like visiting Sally in Syracuse
Unusual experience
10-06-20 05:07
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