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08-06-20 00:00
Flying with the Trailer
I fly through the air with my trailer, and then go to a party with relatives.
2020-06-08:I'm on ML out front. I'm in the trailer, and getting ready to move it. I am putting some shoes away. There are some things in the trailer that we need to retrieve. Games and things. Ben is here and wants to go to town to buy some things for a party with relatives. Ben is asking how to hook up the trailer. I say no need. We can leave it here, and just drive to town with the car disconnected. I am still in the trailer, with the door open, trying to put away some boots, and Jack rams it from behind. It is like he is trying to help move the trailer, but he is old and doesn't know what he is doing, thinking to push it with a car. It is flying along, not hooked up to anything, just being pushed by a car. Ben doesn't know what to do. It starts going up LV faster and faster, and I think I need to jump out, as it is very dangerous. As I try to jump out, I look for a soft place to land in the grass by the goats, but it is like the trailer and I are flying through the air very high, and floating farther and farther. I eventually land on the top of a mountain. There is a metal pin here like you might find as a survey point on a mountain summit. The trailer lands and breaks up into nothing. I want to save some of the rubble, and there is cake here. I gather some cake to bring to the party. I better get it before the ants do. Ben is here now. "Ben, why did you let Jack ram me like that? It was insanity!" "Well, that is what he wanted to do." I complain, "That was crazy! I could have died! If he had tried to run me over, would you let him?" So I ask Ben to help me salvage some of the junk from the smashed trailer. So we are carrying board games and party food back to the house for a party with relatives, like a Christmas Eve or New Years Eve party. One of the games I carry inside is like a red fabric pool table with little pockets for beans to fall into (a bean-bag toss?). I call it an UNO game. It is almost like getting old board games out of the closet. I ask Ben to help me carry this table thing. Ben climbs up on something (even with his one good arm) to try to help get something. Relatives are showing up for the game night. Someone gives Ben money to buy in for poker. This is like a big game night for relatives. Interpretation:Maybe I go back to the States and stay in my trailer in SC, but then travel in a rush across the country to arrive in CA for Christmas. Maybe we go on a hike and Summit a mountain before a Christmas or New Years Party.
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