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11-06-20 14:55
11-06-20 08:00
A friend bathing with a mutant chimpanzee
My old friend ZI is bathing with a mutant chimpanzee.
I walk (cycle) along a forest path 2 or 3 times. Once I get to a clearing where my old friend ZI is bathing with a chimpanzee. They are hugged together (by a swimming pool?). The chimpanzee's body initially looks to me almost like a person's (or a boy's) but then I see that it has big holes in its cheeks and a huge elephant-like ear.
Other people
Unusual experience
12-06-20 01:14
12-06-20 00:20
Black couple or gorillas (wrong tagging)
An article referring to face recognition software confusing people with apes.
I read an article in ABC saying Amazon forbids US police to use facial recognition technology as apparently it is immature. The article refers to a case of a black couple who were erroneously tagged as gorillas by Google's face recognition algorithms.   In the morning of 11/o6/20202, shortly after the dream my son tells me something about a marlin fish with elephant years.
Unusual experience
Little to none
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