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Juan Diego Jimenez Soler's answers to my quiz (translation from Spanish by Steve Randolf)

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Juan Diego Jiménez Soler is a Spanish psychic and the author of the book “Premoniciones”. He has a Master's Degree in Electronics and Computer Science. Due to his personal circumstances, he got into the field of parapsychology at the age of 36, looking for answers to things that had happened to him in his daily life. He found those answers more than 25 years later. He is avid for new knowledge and he is open to new experiences such as astral projection, dream control, and access to the universal knowledge. Meanwhile, he keeps on working as a computer programmer and enjoys facing new challenges every day.

What is your profession?

I am a computer programmer.


Do you keep a dream journal?

I used to, but now I write down only those dreams that I consider “special”, like premonitory ones. I indicate place, conditions, and time.


Do you think dreams predict real events through some unknown physical or metaphysical mechanisms rather than subconscious evaluations or mere coincidences?

Premonitory dreams do predict real events that can be verified in time. They do not respond to any physical, metaphysical, subconscious mechanisms, or mere coincidences.

We have no control over premonitory dreams. The only certain thing is that these dreams always affect the person who receives them in one way or another. Their purpose is either to warn you about an event that may affect you or to give you confidence in these dreams. It is important to verify the images or confirm the facts that appear in dreams.


If yes, how often do you have dreams like that?

There is no particular frequency to receive premonitory dreams since it depends on the mood, rest, and mental state of the individual. You can wait for weeks, months, or years. I was almost 9 years without receiving images of any kind.


What are the typical themes of your precognitive dreams?

I receive premonitions, not very nice, by the way, when I am concerned about a certain situation or issue, I am reading about it for many days and it is really a concern or a problem for the society in which we live (especially in Spain). This has happened to me with the governments of Jose Luis Zapatero and Pedro Sánchez.

I have also had such dreams when I have investigated cases of disappearances of children and teenagers. In these cases, it is quite common for me to receive related images whose existence I have usually been able to verify.


Have you dreamed of any significant public, national, or international event?

As a public and national event, I can say that I received images about Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, a premonition that has been confirmed and that we will all regret. The images refer to their alliance and their meetings. They both crave power and citizens are their least concern. When I receive images of public figures, they are not good, the interpretation usually is that their actions will be detrimental to all citizens.

Premonitions usually do not represent nice and happy events, it is always the opposite. The events represented are usually the ones that will affect us negatively in our lives and that will be detrimental to the majority of citizens.

As for national and / or international events, I received the premonition of the 11-M attack in Madrid, almost a year and a half before it occurred. I also had premonitions about the terrorist attack in Paris, 8 days before it occurred. I received the images on a Friday, November 6, and the attack occurred the following Friday (day 13).

Sometimes, I have received images of sports results, especially Real Madrid and / or Barcelona football matches. ​​I do not like to suffer and, it is a way of watching the game without suffering, if Real Madrid wins in my dream, I watch the game, if not, I don’t.

My premonitions about important events always involve deaths. The more personal ones always help me to avoid problems, accidents, fights or to find a way to get out of a difficult situation.


Can you briefly describe some outstanding examples of premonitory dreams that you have had?

I am going to describe briefly two special premonitory dreams. The first one has radically changed my life while the second one has served to keep me from giving up.

I was going through a very delicate personal situation, separated, without work, living in relatives’ home, all my work thrown overboard, wife, family, work… I had no money and no prospects to get ahead, with everything lost at the age of 36… I got into depression; today I can say it, although at that time I did not even know what that was.

One morning, shortly before waking up, I had a very vivid dream, like a flash. A beach, not a very big one, the day is sunny, it is not very hot, the temperature is pleasant and a light sea breeze blows. The waves gently splash on the shore; it is not a beach on the Mediterranean coast, which I was used to seeing and walking on. I was looking at the beach leaning on the railing of the promenade running along the beach. The beach is small and curved, it is in the interior of a city. The only beaches similar to the image received are La Concha de San Sebastián and Riazor beach in A Coruña. I had the feeling that I had to move to that place and that my situation would improve there with time. That was my first premonitory dream that I can remember.

With a lot of effort and in almost a miraculous way, I got money to travel, I chose A Coruña and, when I saw the Riazor beach, leaning on the balustrade of the promenade, I realized that this was the city from my dream. Since then I live in A Coruña and my life has changed completely.

The second premonition has to do with the case of Marta del Castillo (a teenager who disappeared in January 2009) and that of the disappearance of Ruth & José. The case is now closed. José Bretón is sentenced to prison for the disappearance and murder of his two children.

It was one Friday that I could not go to work because I was not feeling well and, had to stay in bed. Gastroenteritis is not good. At about mid-morning I woke up and remembered the following three flashes:

  1. The body of Marta del Castillo, is placed on the ground and, and then it is lifted all rigid supported on the feet. It is dressed in a white robe, which reaches her ankles.
  2. I am in an area of ​​the San Jerónimo park, observing how the subsoil team of the National Police is dredging an area of ​​the river with a subsoil scanner, to recover physical evidence (human remains) and other forensic evidence that will help clarify the case. At times, I speak with the inspector in charge of the case, whom I respect and to whom I am grateful for his professionalism, as well as to his colleagues and the underground team of the National Police.
  3. A few seconds pass and I am in Córdoba, in the area where José Bretón's parents reside. I am wearing a coat, not because it is cold in Córdoba, but because I have moved from Galicia and, it is spring or autumn. I enter a room (garage), where the inspector in charge of the case of Marta del Castillo and his colleagues, are lifting the concrete floor of the garage. They have been able to confirm using the same scanner that they used in the search for evidence in the case of Marta del Castillo, that there is something buried in the basement of the garage, a garage known by José Bretón and to which he had access and which is located near the farm where his parents live.

The interpretation of the first image is simple: "Lifting the body of Marta del Castillo by a judge." When a body or human remains are found, a judge comes and gives permission "to lift the body", which is why the image is "lifting a body".

Due to the forensic evidence found, the judge gives the order to dredge that area of ​​the river and, to check inch by inch the bottom of the river. They find human remains (they will be able to determine what happened) and, forensic tests allegedly involving the ex-partner of Miguel Carcaño's brother. In the end, it will be found out who the real culprits are.

The third image has to do with the case of José Bretón. At least the daughter, Ruth, is buried in the basement of the garage. That's what Bretón did in that 5 hours-gap, which the investigators have no information about his whereabouts and actions. If the inspector instead of waiting for Saturday to go for drinks with José Bretón, did it immediately, Bretón would have told him everything he did to the children.

In my investigation of several months, I found out that José Bretón has a double personality, something that forensic doctors ruled out. In double personalities, there is always a dominant part and a dominated part. The weaker personality has no memories or images of what the other does. For this reason, José Bretón could not tell investigators what happened in the park, nor does he have a memory of what happened in previous hours.

But, like everything in this life, what is the point of doing something unusual (for example, going to bed with a celebrity and not being able to tell anybody) without being able to tell anyone about it. This is the only thing that can clarify the case if the police officer insists. The hidden personality of José Bretón, is willing to tell what he did to the children, how he murdered them, what he burned… He is willing to tell it, but for this, you have to press him and you have to know how to do it so that his double personality emerges and confesses it all. Finding the location of the garage would be very easy for the investigators.

Only briefly, I will relate also my visions on the cases of 11-M (Madrid) and 13-N (Paris). About 11-M, after receiving the images, I was worried for months, I did not know what to do… Should I go to the media, to the authorities, what should I do? In the end, I only discussed it with several friends, but the concern for what the terrorists wanted to do was so great that, in the end, what they intended did not happen. Their intention was to make the bomb explode while the trains were entering the station, so that the detonation would collapse the entire upper part of the station, causing the maximum possible number of deaths. Thanks to the Divine hand, it did not happen the way they wanted.

Upon receiving the images of the Paris attack, I had no doubts and sent emails to various media and the competent authorities, the only misinterpretation on my part was to confuse the Eiffel tower with TVE’s tower in Madrid, the rest was identical to the images I received. In addition to sensing that the attack was immediate, as it was, the true intention of the terrorists was to attack inside the football stadium, while the game between teams was disputed, something that they could not do due to the strong security measures. That minimized the number of deceased.


Why do you think your dreams represent precognition rather than mere coincidence or a subconscious calculation of probabilities?

During the night, we have several types of dreams, we can have dreams that can be our longings, fears, ghosts, fantasies, worries, situations from the last days, etc.

Premonitory dreams are flashes, very clear images that the person who receives them can easily identify without any effort. There is no script, nor main and secondary actors (as in normal dreams), their duration is very short and one wakes up instantly. It is always better to stay a few minutes with your eyes closed and review the dream and especially its details.

One aspect that differentiates them from the rest of dreams is that the person is very relaxed in those moments. It is important to be rested physically and mentally to receive these images. This allows you to connect with "the Universal Consciousness", to which, believe it or not, we are all linked, and you are receptive to these images.

It is difficult to express in words that altered state of consciousness in which we receive a premonitory dream. Imagine that you are in a place where you are comfortable, without worries, you do not care about the weather, nothing occupies your mind… For example, you are watching a sunset or a sunrise or simply looking at the horizon, careless, you are calm, your mind is blank, you do not think about anything… That is when you receive some images that you let pass, simply observing the details without questioning them and there is an immense peace surrounding you… This would be the explanation that comes closest to that state of altered consciousness, but as I say, it is difficult to express it verbally, as there are no words to explain the feeling of peace that engulfs you.

The important thing is that there are no coincidences, things happen for a certain reason and cause. It is up to us to find the reason or the cause. In premonitory dreams there are no probabilities, they do not exist, you can spend years or a life without having any of them, there is no way to have any control over the dreams, it is impossible and more so if you want to use them for our own benefit. One can deceive a judge, a prosecutor, a police officer, or anybody, but not the Universal Consciousness and all those Guides or Spiritual Masters who observe us and look after us, a resounding NO!


Have you published any of your dreams elsewhere?

I have published my first work called “Premonitions”, Lacre editorial, October 2015. By the way, nobody wants to publish my second work, “Premonitions II”. When I can, I will do it myself.

I also publish articles about my research, and opinions on politics (how much damage they are doing to us) on my blog In the last two years, it has received more than 27’000 visits and more than 198’000 pages have been read.

I used to publish in Twitter, but in the end, I realized that serious reflection is impossible there, most people keep only the latest bits of information, they don't think, they don't reflect, they don't question anything.


Do you use or take advantage of precognition in any way?

For my own benefit, no, to help others, yes! I have no need to obtain material goods, I am satisfied with what I have and I value a lot the few things that I have.

I am involved in starting my personal project, which I hope to complete within 30 years from now (I am 62). I hope to get there and use the privileged information available in the astral dimension, to achieve better dream control and to experience with trance states. You get reliable information without the need for interpretations, as these can lead you to make interpretation errors.

Once the two cases that I want to finish are resolved, I will dedicate the rest of the time to starting a Foundation or a Charitable Organization, one of whose objectives will be to investigate cancer and other severe diseases. In the fourth (fifth) dimension, there is information about what the future will be like and where to obtain positive results, although the information is not available to everyone, one must make responsible use of that information.


Do you think anyone can have precognitive dreams?

The question is not this, the correct question is: What are you going to use precognitive dreams for? It is as if you tell me that you want to buy a laptop but you wonder what you are going to use it for. The laptop by itself is useless if you do not load programs onto it, it is throwing money down the drain. Therefore, you have to know what you are going to use precognitive dreams for, considering that, they are personal and non-transferable. One must bear in mind that receiving precognitive dreams conditions one’s personal life.


How do you think precognition is possible? Do you know any theory about it?

Precognition, clairvoyance, and any other altered state of consciousness, is caused in 95 % of the cases by emotional situations, a depression or situations that have affected our personal life. That shock that we have suffered has awakened something that was (or has always been) numb but suddenly goes outside after a particular moment in our life.

The remaining 5 %, are those people who have worked out and strengthened their gifts since their infancy, and have not allowed the society to block those gifts, which is not easy. There are some, although not all, who proclaim themselves seers, clairvoyants, mediums, messengers of God, etc.


Do you think physicists, psychologists, and neurologists, as opposed to parapsychologists, should investigate precognition?

According to the person who has given me the meditation courses, the idea that there is an energy field surrounding our physical bodies and reflecting out health state before any symptoms appear in the physical body has been accepted for years.

In my humble opinion, the subject may interest physicists. They are interested in everything they can catalog or study. But, the only mention to a psychologist, would send you straight to the loony bin, pilling you up. Perhaps some neurologists could also be interested to observe the electrical changes that would occur in the brain when receiving premonitory dreams, but considering that they are not predictable, nor do they obey a certain situation, it would be a miracle to achieve to perform a brain scan at the right time.


Do you think it is a good idea to try to get the attention of these scientists by creating a specialized database where anyone can write, draw, test, read and vote pre-cognitive dreams?

I am not against it, on the contrary, any initiative related to these issues is good. Today this phenomenon continues to interest many people, but the same enthusiasm is not the same as in the last century. I think that the idea is good and it can help people who have these kinds of dreams and cannot find answers. It would be a great help for understanding them.

In my case, the three meditation courses that I had taken have helped me a lot. Thanks to the experience of the person who had taught me, I have found answers to situations I had gone through and their explanations, at the right time. That has helped me to have greater clarity on these issues.


Do you have any special system for incubating or facilitating pre-cognitive dreams and, if so, what is it?

Actually, I do not have any system, just the years, the mistakes, the success cases, and the experience have taught me the right way. Sometimes finding the right person at the right time also helps.

It is like everything, if you work it out you will get results, there is no doubt about it, but it is a road of sacrifice, suffering and loneliness, you practically have to live for it, since you have to dedicate many hours and, you can spend months without obtaining any results. This kind of life does not get well along with a family life.

You have to dedicate hours, the more you insist the better. For a meditation session, 10 minutes may be sufficient but to enter a trance state the time is up to an hour - this is the limit, then you are awake. If you want to experiment with astral projections, the time is one hour maximum.

Before starting a meditation, trance or an astral session, you must take your time to prepare the place where you will do the session. You should be determined to do it, be rested and not tense, you should not have eaten copiously, not have any other problem in the head, not have discussed. You should not be thinking about finishing early to do something else, not being anxious to get results, not give up if you get no results, etc.

Once a session is done, you can try again. You might succeed only 1 % of all the time you spend on that, but the more time you spend, the more chances there are of obtaining results. In my case I can dedicate time, perhaps other people might be more limited in that respect, due to their family, job, etc. The important thing is to dedicate that time, be it little or much, with all your body and soul if you want to achieve results.

I have been practicing for more than 26 years and I have only scratched the surface. It is true that I have had exceptional experiences and that it has helped me to continue working and not give up, but the road is hard and with very little satisfaction. Who is willing to follow this path?

Perhaps my problem is having the gift of empathy and it really does not benefit me, since I suffer as much as the people who are having a bad experience. When I received the images of the 11-M attack in Madrid, I spent about an hour and a half crying with tears, the time it took me to get to work.

If I remember correctly, this was the first foreboding dream I received about events not directly related to me. I had no doubts since I experienced in those moments the pain, the fear, the desolation and terror of the people who were suffering that attack. The problem is always interpreting the images well and locating the place, but there is no doubt about what will happen. Lately, I am not altered so much when I receive the images and I only observe at the details without intervening.

My most recent experience of that sort was related to the coronavirus. In the media, everyone was carefully counting the deceased, but it turned out we live in a country in which it is impossible to know the exact number of people who have died ... It is unfortunate, doesn’t matter how you look at it, but at least we have a progressive, democratic and feminist government. Well, as I was saying, when the media gave the number of 700 deceased, a tear slid down my cheek and I knew that the number of deceased would far exceed 20’000.

When sometimes I hear about a missing person, child, adolescent, or adult, and a tear drops down my cheek, the news cannot be good. I have stopped being interested in events that only cause me suffering. I have shed too many tears. In my last days, I will have to do the assessment of whether it has been worth so much suffering, loneliness, and sacrifice.


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