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Precognitive dreams about the coronavirus Covid 19

Written by Steve Randolf
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I have had several dreams, anticipating the coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic. They are mostly from December last year, before the coronavirus was even identified as a danger. I have had several more dreams this year, which also anticipated some events related to the coronavirus crisis.

The most spectacular dream in terms of coincidence between dream and reality is the shortest one (at least that is all I remembered in the morning) and it is the following:


Dream date: 13-12-19

An infectious substance in a factory

A black substance covers everything in a factory. I believe that it is infectious and affects people.


Real events: Covid19 infection in the factory I used to work in

The actual events take place about three months later. On 17th of March 2020, three days after our government (the Spanish one) had declared quarantine due to the coronavirus Covid19, part of the factory where I used to work (until November last year) is closed due to the detection of a coronavirus case. It turns out to be a severe one and a few days later it turns out that there are more people infected, so that the entire factory is closed. The first person to get ill barely avoids death, doctors saving him eventually after a month of struggle for his wife in an intensive care unit. On the 30th of March, the Spanish government paralyzes all industrial and commercial activity, except for the most essential services.

Here is another one I had 10 days after the previous one:


Dream date: 23-12-19

Multiple deaths due to food poisoning

I am on a train, and someone kills the passengers one by one although most cases look like food poisoning. At first, I have three steaks in a lunch box and I suspect that they are poisoned. My wife eats out one before I tell her not to do it, but nothing seems to happen to her. I suspect everyone and there are some pretty weird characters. The train is halted at a station already for a while. Everyone goes out to investigate what is happening but I remain on the train. Now it looks like an apartment, although I know it is stopped at a station. I think that I should lower the blinds as it gets dark and I do not want some criminal to watch me from outside. Then I see that a suspect (like most of the others) is going to open a fridge, but I hit his hand, yelling at him that it is dangerous to do that.


Real events: Multiple deaths due to coronavirus infection

The first deaths due to the coronavirus Covid 19 appear by the end of December 2019 (by the time of this dream) and in January the disease occupies every news program. Within a couple of months, the virus spreads around the entire world. Everyone and everything can be suspected to transmit the infection (much like in the dream). By the end of March, I am even afraid of the food especially of fruits and vegetables, as they are exposed in the supermarket with no packing and an infected person may have sneezed or coughed on them. So, I open the fridge with fear. Also, any other person is potentially (although unintentionally) a serial killer. Moreover, I should add that I am a chemist by profession and for me a virus is a bunch of self-assembling molecules (it is not an organism), so that virus infection can be considered to some extent as a sort of intoxication.

Here is another one, which is not so explicit, but it impacted me greatly.


Dream date: 11-12-19

Bodies falling from the sky and fainting

While I am out in the open I hear some powerful explosions and thunders. I turn towards the source of the noise and see tall smoke columns as from space rockets (but there are no rockets). There is a crowd of people watching too. Then, planes fly around, then objects start to fall down from the sky and then people fall down too. Their bodies descend slowly and in a horizontal position as if they were lying on beds hanging from parachutes except that there are no beds nor parachutes. A woman falls very near in front of me and I notice she takes a glimpse around just before reaching the ground and then faints. Several people from the crowd stretch their hands and catch her to avoid her falling on the ground.


Real events: Hundreds of thousands killed by Covid19

The night of the dream there is a big fire in a chemical factory near where I live. On 14th of January, there is another fire in a chemical factory near here, which kills several people. The impact the events in my dream have on me is much more powerful than that of these accidents, and I expect more people to dye, possibly as a consequence of the leaks of toxic substances. However, the coronavirus pandemic starts in January, and eventually, I associate the dream to it.


Dream date: 16/01/20

Too many birthday dedications in a church

I join a gathering in a church-like building and I am given a notebook to write a dedication for someone’s birthday. However, there is no place in the notebook and I am not even sure who the dedication is for. I am only told the last name but I don't know that person. Almost the entire notebook is full of some monochrome drawings and text and I am annoyed that the people that wrote their dedications before me left no space for more dedications. There is just a little space in the first pages of the notebook, but I don't know why nobody wants to write and sign there. Then I see a photograph of an ex-colleague of mine in a little altar. Now it seems I was supposed to write the dedication for his birthday.

Real events: Too many deathdays to be celebrated

The coronavirus Covid 19 kills many people and puts in danger even some of my acquaintances. Several ex-colleagues of mine are infected and one of them barely escapes death after nearly a month in an intensive care unit (The one from the altar photo in the dream is alive for the moment).

Dream date: 22-01-20

Deserted village

I was with T and asked her where she lived. She answered that in “Makilovo”, which was about ten minutes walk from where we were (my workplace) and that she walked home every day.
I went to Makilovo by bike. It turned out to be a neighborhood or a village full of piled up crooked wooden huts. It was getting dark but I was surprised the streets were absolutely deserted and there was no sign of life although some streetlights were already on. I could not find T’s house number.

Real outcome: Deserted villages, towns and cities

About two months after the dream, our government declares the coronavirus quarantine, which effectively leaves deserted villages, towns, and cities. Walking on these deserted streets is really awkward. Other governments have done or will do the same.


Stuffed snake and a stolen bicycle

I found a stuffed snake on the street and left my bike on the ground to lead the snake with a string. It was moving like a real one. Then I remembered that I had to go back to get my bicycle before someone stole it from me. I left the snake and headed back to the bike. I looked towards where I had left it and saw two persons dressed as cyclists. When I got there, they were gone together with my bike. I tried to find them, but there was no trace of them.

Real events: Man walking stuffed toy during Covid19 lockdown

During the Covid19 lockdown (starting on from 14 of March 2020), going out for walking dogs is allowed. However, the police seizes a person walking a stuffed dog (see the attachment) , a person walking a stove (!!!), another one disguised with a dinosaur costume, and several others realizing forbidden walks with live animals, such as a sheep, a turtle and a crab (!!!).

I used to cycle 4 days a week, but due to the lockdown, I have been unable to do it for the last month and a half.

I am really impressed by all these coincidences between my dreams and reality, and I think they are in fact much more than coincidences. After years of dreaming, if I still had any doubt remaining about the authenticity of precognition, these dreams have cleared it up completely for me.

It would be nice to hear from more people that have had such dreams, and I am sure that many have. It appears that there are always waves of people having prophetic visions and feelings before disasters.


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