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Written by Steve Randolf
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A number of people had premonitions about the Aberfan disaster before it occurred in 1966. That inspired the creation of the British Premonitions Bureau

Psioneirology’s database is a premonition registry. The idea of creating registries to record multiple premonitions before they come true is probably centuries old. In the last 50 years or so, at least ten such registries have been created but none of them has gained much popularity and currently only one of them is active. It is worth having a look at their features in order to understand what is the cause of that lack of success. 


In 1967, English psychiatrist Dr. John Barker established that registry following a carbon avalanche in Welsh village Aberfan that had killed over 130, mostly children while studying in the local school and the reports of many people that they or their children had foreseen the accident. Barker recollected hundreds of premonitions, in the form of letters, 24 of which really impressed him and he published them in a parapsychology journal [John C. Barker, “Premonitions of the Aberfan Disaster,” Journal of the Society of Psychical Research, 44 (1967): 169–181].



This registry was established in 1968 by Robert Nelson, an executive of the New York Times, after he had attended a talk given by John Barker for the American Society for Psychical Research.

Robert Nelson in The Cincinnati Enquirer, 18th of March, 1973


Nelson received around 5000 predictions but found only 50 of them to come true. Half of them were from only 5 people, one of them being English psychic Malcolm Bessent who provided impressive premonitions about some important events.

Malcolm Bessent


According to the Wayback machine, this website appeared around 1995 and was abandoned in 2008. It had a simple form for inputting premonitions and another one for inputting a fulfillment event. There is no more information available.


PREMONITIONS REGISTRY (Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, the Intuition Network )

This registry was founded by the Intuition Network on 19 September 2001, following the terrorist attack of 9/11. The founder of the Intuition Network is Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, who is currently the owner of the youtube channel New Thinking Allowed.


Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

It is a restricted access yahoo group (a hybrid between a forum and email list) having 420 members in May 2020. Since October 2019 content cannot be posted anymore on yahoo groups.



This registry is part of the website created by Irish psychic Zak Martin. The website currently lists publicly 35 alleged premonitions dating from the period 1999-2005. There are no outcomes listed.


PREMONITIONS REGISTRY (Psychic Explorers Club)

The Parapsychology Foundation Psychic Explorers Club (New York) provides on its website an email address for sending premonitions.  They point out that they do not intend to validate or assess the success of the premonitions submitted. There are no premonitions nor outcomes listed.



The website of Psychic Science owned by Dr. Michael Daniels, provides a form for sending premonitions and their specifics. The user is expected to send an email if a real event confirms the premonition initially sent by using the form. There is a table of “selected premonitions” that have come true, containing 14 entries from the period 2010-2017.

Dr. Michael Daniels 



According to the Prophecy Project (see next entry), famous American psychic Ingo Swan, one of the founders of the US government remote viewing program now known as Star Gate ran that registry between 1989 and 1990 and collected around 90 premonitions and predictions, a selection of which he published in his book titled Your Nostradamus Factor.

Ingo Swann 

THE PROPHECY PROJECT (The Estate of Ingo Swann)

 According to this project’s website:

“The Prophecy Project website is a relaunching by the Estate of Ingo Swann of Ingo’s idea that there is an innate warning system within us all, with the goal of serving as a data warehouse available to all to wish to share their premonitions and/or to learn from them.”

The website lists a number of presumably premonitory posts starting from 2018 and continuing up to now, but there are no confirmation events recorded. Some of the posts are false records, as apparently there is no filtering on behalf of the administrator.


THE PREMONITIONS (Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona)

This project was started in June 2014 by Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona who founded a group dedicated to allegedly impartial research on premonitions, called Transnational Anomalies Research based in Ontario, Canada. The project was widely publicized on TV, radio, social media and even in an article in the Journal of Consciousness Research  [Gaona, J. M., Colinas, F., Rouleau, N., Tessaro, L. W. E., & Caswell, J. M., Premonitions: A Global Online Statistical Tracking Study of Precognitive Predictions, Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, May 2014, 5(4), 341-350].


Dr. Jose Miguel Gaona on Spanish TV show Cuarto Milenio

However, the project’s Facebook page gives no sign of activity since 2015 and its showy webpage indicates that the last statistics update was performed in August 2014:


Dr. Gaona reported in a TV program Cuarto Milenio in 2017 some statistics collected through the website as well as a couple of prophecies that presumably came true quite literally. The website contains a premonitions submission form but the recorded data is not publicly available.



During the last 50 years, at least 10 premonition registries have been established, most of which have lasted not more than a couple of years. Only one of them, The Prophecy Project, is still active. It is also the only one that publishes premonition registries without any filtering or modification being applied by the administrator. None of the registries has had the option for the user to find his/her own registers and to associate real-life events with them. Due to the impenetrability of many of these registries, the authenticity of the records cannot be verified. 

Name of premonition registry Creator Country Founded Latest activity Submission Who can see premonition records Who can see outcome records
BRITISH PREMONITIONS BUREAU Dr. John Barker UK 1967 1967? Letter Administrator Administrator
CENTRAL PREMONITION REGISTRY Robert Nelson USA 1968 1968? Letter Administrator Administrator
CENTRAL PREMONITION REGISTRY Yaron Mayer USA 1995 2008 2 forms: one for dreams and one for fulfillment events Administrator Administrator
PREMONITIONS REGISTRY The Intuition network USA 2001 2019  Yahoo group Registered users Registered users
PREMONITIONS REGISTRY Zak Martin, UK psychics  USA 1999 (?) 2005 E-mail submission Admin-filtered list of messages is publicly available Administrator
PREMONITIONS REGISTRY Parapsychology Foundation Psychic Explorers Club USA 2007 ? E-mail submission Administrator Administrator
PSYCHIC SCIENCE PREMONITIONS REGISTRY Dr. Michael Daniels  USA 2010 2017 Web page with a form for submitting premonitions. Selected dreams/outcomes are made public Creator-filtered list of messages is publicly available Creator-filtered list of messages is publicly available
AMERICAN PROPHECY PROJECT Ingo Swann USA 1989 1990 ? Administrator Administrator
THE PROPHECY PROJECT The Estate of Ingo Swann USA 2007 April 2020 Direct blog-style submission Public There are none
THE PREMONITIONS Prof. Jose Miguel Gaona, Transnational Anomalies Research Spain/Canada 2013 Appears inactive Premonition submission form with several fields No one No one
PSIONEIROLOGY Steve Randolf Spain 2020 No Publicly available registries. Timestamped non-editable dreams.
Several parameters for statistical evaluation. "Like" option…
Everyone Everyone


How does Psioneirology compare to previous premonition registries?

Psioneirology is based on the latest internet technology and presents a user-friendly database design, allowing users not only to report but also to study their premonitions/outcomes as well as those of other users and to interact between them. The entire database is publicly displayed except for registers marked by their owners as private. The users can add dreams and outcomes in shared registers, although only outcomes can be edited once introduced. The users can easily find and consult their own registers in a table separate from the general one where all other users’ input appears. Each dream/outcome record saves 4 dates: a timestamp of the dream record, a timestamp of the outcome, the actual date of the dream, and the actual date of the outcome event.  The database has several tools for searching, ordering, filtering, classification of dreams and outcomes, etc. Registered users can vote records input by other users.



For more information about all the elements of the registers, see help instructions in the forum


Obviously, to attempt to compare Psioneirology with previous premonition registries would be like comparing apples and oranges.

I will finish citing Ben McLeay from Pedestrian TV (Australia) who said in 2018:


“So far, it seems like we haven’t quite come up with a reliable system for harnessing the definitely real power of the human brain to predict the future, but just you wait until some Silicon Valley weirdo makes an app of it.”


Well, that system is now online, although it was definitely not made by a Silicon Valley weirdo.



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