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Does the Universal Consciousness exist?

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It has been given multiple names. The most used ones are variants of universal or cosmic consciousness or mind. Psychologist Carl Jung called it the Collective Unconscious. One of the fathers of quantum mechanics, Erwin Schrödinger was obsessed with the concept of Brahman used in the Sanskrit writings of the Upanishads. The physicist, engineer, and inventor Nikola Tesla and the philosopher Erwin Laszlo popularized the terms Akasha, also borrowed from ancient Sanskrit philosophy. The Chinese call it Tao. Even the concept of God, present in every culture appears to refer to the same entity.

All these terms sound very abstract at first sight, but they imply a perfectly real manifestation in real life: the capacity of us humans (and possibly of any living organism) to access any information, past, present or future anywhere in space-time, absurd this might sound to our conscious and presumably rational minds. The concept is similar to that of a hologram, containing all the information of a 3D-scene encoded in its entire surface so that the scene can be reproduced from any fragment of the hologram. Unlike a hologram, however, the Akashik field supposedly contains the entire past, present, and future history of the universe. The concept of holography appears in modern string theory too, but I will talk more about that in another article.

Psychic faculties, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, dowsing, scrying, card reading, etc. are supposedly all just different techniques exploiting precisely that phenomenon. They have been secluded by our modern society to exist in exile and currently, it relates them mainly with hustlers and tricksters. However, there is a huge amount of “occult literature”, which is actually accessible to everybody, showing that the reality is very different.

The US government had been secretly funding a remote viewing scientific research program for more than 20 years (from 1972 to 1995), spending a total of 20 billion dollars.  The results of that research have been published in the form of reports, now downloadable from CIA’s website, multiple books, and even in some prestigious peer-reviewed journals (read more about that here). That research proved rigorously what had already been known for ages, i.e. the existence of psi. Additionally, it showed experimentally that no electromagnetic radiation is involved in psi information transmission. Also, one of its main conclusions was that clairvoyant and precognitive information is available to everyone and resides in a sort of omnipresent universal source. It was called “the matrix”, but the explanation provided matches the concepts listed in the beginning of this article. The following is an excerpt of Star Gate’s remote viewing manual available from CIA-s website:

The Matrix has been described as a huge, non-material, highly structured, mentally accessible “framework” of information containing all data, and pertaining to everything in both the physical and non-physical universe. In the same vein as Jung’s Cosmic Unconsciousness, the matrix is open to and comprises all conscious entities as well as information relating to everything else living or nonliving by accepted human definition. It is this informational framework from which the data encoded on the signal line originates. This Matrix can be envisioned as a vast, three-dimensional geometric arrangement of dots, each dot representing a discrete information bit. Each geographic location on the earth has a corresponding segment of the Matrix corresponding exactly to the nature of the physical location. When the viewer is prompted by the coordinate or other targeting methodology, he accesses the signal line for data derived from the Matrix. By successfully acquiring (detecting) this information from the signal line, then coherently decoding it through his conscious awareness and faculties, he makes it available for analysis and further exploitation by himself or others.”


But is there really such a universal source of information? This is a very important question, whose answer is crucial for the theoretical understanding of psi. Could it be that we get all the information through precognition rather than by accessing such a universal source? Even though precognition is difficult to be accepted theoretically, it could be easier to explain than a universe containing all of its past, present, and future information everywhere in its space-time “tissue”.

There are mainstream theorists such as Stewart Hameroff, Henry Stapp and Roger Penrose that defend the human brain is a quantum computer and consciousness arises from its quantum properties. This is yet to be proved, but if it is true, precognition might be not so absurd from modern science’s point of view. Recent research has shown (at least theoretically) that a quantum computer’s state can be rewound back in time (see more details here).

If our brains prove to work like that, then for precognition to occur, feedback would be indispensable. However, Star Gate research proved that future feedback is not essential for remote viewing. Experiments showed that the quality of remote viewing tests did not depend on the quality of the feedback (graded by informatically degrading the remote-viewed target images). An additional proof for that was obtained unexpectedly when one of the program’s viewers deceased after correctly viewing some targets and before obtaining the corresponding feedback.  Interestingly enough, another Star Gate researcher, physicist Edwin May, still defends that all psi phenomena are due to precognition. This is difficult to understand, given the evidence not only by Star Gate’s research but also by other psi researchers.

Most recent research in quantum physics shows that human consciousness and intention affect the outcome of experiments with quantum systems. This sounds mind-blowing and unacceptable but the existence of a universal information field might hide the key to explaining such phenomena one day.

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