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A number of people had premonitions about the Aberfan disaster before it occurred in 1966. That inspired the creation of the British Premonitions Bureau

Psioneirology’s database is a premonition registry. The idea of creating registries to record multiple premonitions before they come true is probably centuries old. In the last 50 years or so, at least ten such registries have been created but none of them has gained much popularity and currently only one of them is active. It is worth having a look at their features in order to understand what is the cause of that lack of success. 

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Apr 29

Psi dreams

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Among psi phenomena, precognition and clairvoyance through dreams are the ones that have always intrigued me and many others. Unfortunately, although there is abundant written evidence for these phenomena, there is no universal consent as to their veracity.

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I have had several dreams, anticipating the coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic. They are mostly from December last year, before the coronavirus was even identified as a danger. I have had several more dreams this year, which also anticipated some events related to the coronavirus crisis.

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After decades of studying this question, now I can say that I have a well-defined opinion, based on several books and articles with examples of premonitory dreams, guidelines by several people experienced in this field, and my own dream analysis. 

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Do you have any doubt about any psi-term?

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