The following table presents a summary of the data collected in a database designed to clearly identify dreams that may or already have become true and to distinguish them from mere coincidences or logical consequences of past events. Registered and logged-in users can record their dreams and real events (outcomes) matching them. Both dream records and outcome records are time-stamped and once introduced, dream records cannot be modified, so that any possibility of creating false precognition records is eliminated. Database users can change the status of any dream/outcome record from private to public and vice versa at any moment. Both registered users and visitors can view any public record by clicking on the title of the dream or the corresponding outcome (if available) in the table below. For more information, please see the Help.



Please notice:

The column "Sequence" indicates if the dream record precedes in time the outcome record (DR→O ♥) or vice versa (O→DR). Dreams that have been recorded before the actual outcomes (marked with DR→O ♥) are the most valuable ones, as they have the highest potential to prove the existence of precognition (premonition). 

The column titled O-DR days indicates the time between the date of the outcome and that of the dream record. It is positive if the dream has been recorded before the outcome (DR→O ♥) and negative if the dream has been recorded afterward (O→DR).

The column titled O-D days indicates the time between the date of the outcome and the date of the dream, i.e. how fast the dream has come to reality.