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Pratikshha Sane
23-03-21 16:52
23-03-21 15:05
Aarey colony man of around 35-36 yrs half pant
Synthetic material half pants of blue colour and a black colour cottonround neck t-shirt.
Today, I had a vision of a man of around 35-36 yrs of age, standing at the corner of the road to newzealand embassy Back side wire with a pillar compound in aarey colony, mumbai india. That man was wearing synthetic material half pants of blue colour and a black colour cotton round neck t-shirt. Wearing Handkerchief as a mask. He is a little bald, and has height of around 5 feet 3 inches and weight of around 65-70 kgs
In my vision, that man was looking at me
What is the meaning of this vision, what can happen to this man? He might meet with an accident, or gets murdered or gets kidnapped or he might commit suicide.

Anything can happen to him , I want to know where it will happen, in aarey colony only or somewhere else.

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23-03-21 16:57
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