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D, DR, O, OR are the dates/hour values assigned to the dream, dream record, outcome, and outcome record respectively. DR and OR are assigned automatically, while D and O are manually assigned by the dreamer. These values are important since they allow the database to check whether a dream has been recorded before an outcome or after it. Obviously one of the necessary conditions for obtaining a rigorous proof of precognition is that a dream stated to be precognitive has been recorded before the alleged outcome, i.e. the date DR must be previous to the date O. The database application determines automatically whether that is the case, i.e. DR→O, or rather the sequence is the opposite one, i.e. O→DR. To make easier the identification of any dream recorded before the corresponding outcome, the sequence DR→O will be marked with a heart symbol (♥). If no outcome has been recorded yet after a dream, the sequence indicated remains DR→ until the outcome is recorded.

To ensure dates are introduced correctly (i.e. logically) the application performs three checks:

O > D must be true
O < current date must be true
D < DR must be true

After an outcome has been saved, the application displays at the bottom part of the Outcome tab three different time values, which might be useful for analyzing the precognitive registers:

O-DR: the days between the outcome and the dream record. Please notice that if the sequence is O→DR, then this value is negative (but still indicating the correct number of days in between).
OR-DR: the days between the outcome record and the dream record
O-D: the days between an outcome and a dream. This is a very important value, since a short time between a dream and an outcome may be interpreted as one more confirmation that a dream is precognitive (i.e. there is not only coincidence between dream events and real events but there is an approximate coincidence in their timing.
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