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The kundlini is just like the ladder of life. All human beings have invisible energy in their body, that energy is called "Kundlini". Kundlini is in Muladhar Chakra as in sleeping position. When Kundlini is activated, the energy travels from Muladhar Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra with Ida and Pingala Nadi. Afterwards, only Sushumna nadi goes to Sahastrat chakra. Sushumna nadi is in spinal cord which is emerging from Muladhara Chakra and travels to the last point Sahasrara Chakra. Kundlini is a Sanskrit word, derived from Kundal means Kundlini circular. Kundlini is an invisible energy in human body considered as an [b]Extra-Sensory Perception.[/b] Every person is born with 5 senses but some are born with 6 senses.What is Sixth Sense?  Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch, Vision. Some humans have six senses. [/color]

Nadi:- All nadis are starting from Muladhar Chakara . 
Nadi is not blood vessel but a medium from where the pran flow in the whole body. There are 72,000 nadis out of which 33,000 are important Nadi. Out of that, 3 Nadi IDA PINGALA, & SUSHUMNA Nadi are main nadis.
After every 60 minutes Nadi changes the position. Nadi changes approximately 12 times a day and in each individual it can differ.
Human body uses our two nostrils. That time, only sushumna Nadi is active. If Ida & pingala nadis are constantly active then the person falls sick . Nadi don't have any physical form . If ida and pingla constantly works, people may get sick.

Pingala Nadi:- It is a male nadi which represents sun and the colour is red that shows physical power. It is a positive nadi. A female in whom Pingala nadi is more active, will show more of masculine qualities. They do work which are more male oriented.

IDA NADI:- It is a female nadi which represents moon and the colour is blue, show mind power. We can feel Ida nadi in our left hostel. It is a Negative nadi. In males, Ida nadi is more active. It will show more of feminine qualities. They live family life.

SUSHUMNA Nadi is the main Nadi of all nadis .It pierces the chakra and passes to reach the Sahasrara chakra. This Nadi is mostly active during evening. At this time, both nostrils are open and working .  If Sushumana Nadi is continuously working then human goes in aadhamma. The three nadies, Ida, Pingala, Sushumna travel from Muladhar chakra to third eye chakra. From there only Sushumna nadi reaches upto Sahastrachakra. From there Ida nadi enters the left nostril and Pingala nadi in the right nostril.

CHAKRA: Meeting point of different nadi is called Chakra. Chakra is not a circuit, not a wheel. It is a triangle in human body. There are 114 Chakras in human body out of which 2 are outside the body. Only 7 chakras are important. There are many routes to reach from Muladhar chakra to Aayga chakra. But there is no route to reach from aagya to Sahasrara Chakra and that is the reason why people can not cross the level of Sahatra route to reach from Aagya to Sahatra Chakra.

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