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Hi, I am Steve

1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #2 by Steve
Hi, I am Steve was created by Steve
Hi, my name is Steve Randolf.

I have always found it amazing how a person can become aware through dreams about events that hardly could be deduced by conscious logic. Especially strangelooks to me the fact that these events can occur at any time with respect to the time of dreaming. It is like we can have memories of any time, including the future. As a scientist, for years I have been reluctant to admit that one could clearly "see" events that are to occur in the future or that are occurring at the same moment but far away. I have been testing several hypotheses using myself as a subject:

1. Future events can be perceived by subconscious mental activity. That is actually a scientifically admitted explanation, at least for some dreams, such as the ones related to dreamer's incipient pathological states.

2. Coincidences between real and already dreamt events are just that, mere coincidences. That is feasible. Hasn't it ever happened to you to hear on the TV or the radio the same word that you were reading just at that same moment?

3. You could just guess certain future events or calculate their probability through some sort of background mental processes. That is possible too. It is demonstrated that while we sleep we are by no way inert, but there is important mental activity going on in our heads.

4. You could just think that you have already dreamt of an event he/she is experiencing, but in fact you never dreamt it. That is the explanation of the phenomenon called deja vu, usually given by orthodox scientists. However, if you regularly record your dreams, you can easily discard such mental confusion as a possible explanation.

5. Could there be other explanations of apparent coincidences between dreams and (future) reality? All four possible explanations above seem to be reasonable, but sometimes they are just not plausible.

There are serious scientists working on other explanations, but I will write more about that in a separate dedicated post. I will just say that I am not superstitious, but after years of studying this subject I am now convinced that precognition and clairvoyance do exist and that means that the above four easy explanations are simply not always true.

I designed this website to prove the existence of precognition scientifically so that anyone could take advantage of this fascinating phenomenon. I will be glad to know about your experience in this field and I hope you can contribute additional proof.
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